Claire J Hoving Interview


Claire J. Hoving is an immunologist and her research aims at understanding host immune responses to disease with a particular focus on HIV-related fungal infections. Fungal infections are often an overlooked clinical and public health issue. Pneumocystis jirovecii is an opportunistic fungal pathogen of immunocompromised hosts and is a common cause of pneumonia and death in patients with HIV/AIDS. There are very few researchers dissecting the mechanisms of fungal infections in Africa, yet research in this field will provide new insights into protective immunity and may lead to improved treatments for immunocompromised hosts. (Source: IDM, UCT)

During this interview she emphasises the importance of conducting fugal immunology research, as well as advice for future fungal immunologists.


Interview by Rebecca Chukwuanukwu

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International Union of Immunological SocietiesUniversity of South AfricaInstitute of Infectious Disease and Molecular MedicineElizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation