Introduction to Immuno-South Africa 2019

FacultyTopicLearning Link
Zaza NdhlovuThe role of HIV-specific CD4 T cell responses in HIV cure strategies: Friend or foe?Immunity to HIV
Mike BettsHIV-specific T cell trafficking and lymphoid tissue responsesImmunity to HIV
Thomas ScribaScanning the TCR repertoire to inform new TB vaccine targetsImmunity to TB
Mike BettsT-cell Tissue Residency and Recirculation in HIV InfectionImmunity to HIV
Henry MwandumbaThe impact of human alveolar macrophage heterogeneity on control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infectionImmunity to TB
Thomas HopeUsing Multi-Scale Imaging to bring Anatomy and Physiology Into our understanding of mechanisms of SIV/HIV transmission, dissemination, rebound, and preventionImmunity to HIV
Kondwani JamboImmune regulation in the respiratory mucosaImmunity to TB
Clive GrayTreg cells in the placenta and early life in HIV exposed uninfected newbornsImmunity to HIV
Lishomwa NdhlovuNeuroimmunology of HIV in the Era of ARTImmunity to HIV
Erica Anderson-NissenDefining innate immune responses that predict adaptive responses to vaccination-
Yaw BediakoPerforming immunological studies in human cohorts- Systems approaches to studying immunity to malaria.Immunity to Malaria
Mario RoedererAnimal models for  vaccines and treatment-
One DintweTeaching an old Dog, new tricks: Improving on Rv144
Simon DraperVaccine-Induced Antibody-Mediated Immunity Against MalariaImmunity to Malaria
Rick KoupCurrent status of antibody-based HIV vaccine developmentImmunity to HIV
Elisa NemesImmune Responses to TB VaccinesImmunity to TB
Tony MoodyFcR Diversity—it’s not just single polymorphisms anymore-
Guido FerrariIt’s the other end – stupid!-
Simone Richardsonnew Fc effector functions in vaccination (HIV)Immunity to HIV
Caleb SinclairExploring Acquired Immunity to Malaria: progress, challenges and prospectsImmunity to Malaria
International Union of Immunological SocietiesUniversity of South AfricaInstitute of Infectious Disease and Molecular MedicineScience Education PrizesElizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation