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Our mission is to promote knowledge and research in the field of immunology world-wide.


We create and host online courses in partnership with the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) and other bodies. These courses educate and support participants and students before and after Immunology conferences and courses world-wide.

We provide frameworks of knowledge so that participants can fully engage and get the very best out of real-world courses. We also provide lectures, relevant resources and assessment to educate users on all fronts.

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The people behind Immunopaedia

Clive Gray, PhD

Clive GrayClive Gray is the founder of Immunopaedia. He was awarded a PhD in transplantation immunology in 1994 and subsequently moved into HIV/AIDS research seeing this as a priority in the South African context. He has since worked at the Center for AIDS Research at Stanford University investigating specific cellular immunity to HIV in individuals receiving antiretroviral drug therapy. He was one of the first to publish on the restorative effects of HAART on the immune system and was lead author on one of the first papers to show diminished antigen-specific CD8+ T cells in response to lowering antigen load by suppressing viral replication with HAART. Locally he has co-coordinated pioneering workshops on HIV vaccines, been actively involved in the scientific agenda of vaccine development in South Africa and is currently Chair and Professor of the Division of Immunology, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine at the University of Cape Town. He is recipient of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation International Leadership Award, allowing the development of Immunopaedia.

Michelle Letarte, PhD

michelle letarteMichelle Letarte has recently been appointed Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee of Immunopaedia, to ensure that the increasing content of this online learning tool is accurate and updated regularly. Michelle has a PhD in Biochemistry and is now an Emeritus Professor of Immunology at the University of Toronto, Canada. She spent most of her career working as a senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto. She characterized several leukocyte membrane glycoproteins and is best known for her work on endoglin (CD105). She discovered this major glycoprotein of the vascular endothelium while working on childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia. She determined that it was a co-receptor of the transforming growth factor beta superfamily and that it was mutated in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia type I (HHT1). She established a molecular diagnosis and a mouse model for this disease and studied the underlying mechanisms leading to the generation of arteriovenous malformations associated with HHT1. Michelle is the chair of the IUIS Education Committee (2006-2017) and has been involved in supporting students from the developing world to attend Immunology courses. In the last 2 years, her committee has worked hard in establishing regional and focused courses in the 4 corners of Africa and Latin America. The Immunopaedia online modules are essential learning tools to prepare the students for the interactive courses with local and international experts.

Bonamy Holtak

Bonamy, better known as Bon, is our Communications Officer. Bon curates and coordinates Immunopaedia, she is responsible for website content and development as well as overseeing all administrative aspects.

Thandeka Moyo

Thandeka is a PhD Student in Clinical Science and Immunology at the University of Cape Town. Her research focus is on HIV Immunology and how the virus tries to evade antibody responses. She is the Junior Communications for Immunopaedia and helps with loading content on the site.

Steering Committee

The Immunopaedia Steering Committee consists of a diverse group of members that hold a variety of skill-sets and research focuses.

Dr Gilbert Fauré

Professeur des Universités
Praticien Hospitalier
Curator of scoop.it/t/immunology

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Gilbert Faure Dr Gary Entrican

Moredun Research Institute, Scotland
Chair of the Veterinary
Immunology Committee

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Gary Entrican
Dr Monica Mercer

Director, Scientific and Medical
Affairs at Sanofi Pasteur

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Monica Mercer Dr Olivier Boyer

Proffessor at University de Rouen,

External Profile – University de Rouen

Olivier Boyer
Dr Ridha Barbouche

Institut Pasteur de Tunis, Tunisia
Ph.D Department of Immunology

External Profile – Pasteur Institute

Ridha Barbouche Dr Guido Ferrari

Duke University, North Carolina, USA
Associate Professor of Surgery

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Guido Ferrari
Dr Menno van Zelm

Associate Professor at Monash
University, Australia
Chair of the Nomenclature Committee

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Menno Van Zelm Dr Maria Roso Bono

Departamento de Biología, Facultad
de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile
Member of EDU Committee

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Maria Roso Bono
Dr Shubhada V. Schiplunkar

Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research & Education In Cancer (ACTREC) Mumbai
Member of EDU Committee

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Shubhada Schiplunkar Dr J. Alejandro Lopez

Program Director, Medical Science
School of Natural Sciences,
Griffith University, Australia
Council Member of IUIS

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J. Alejandro Lopez
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