Ambassador of the Month


May 2019

Our Ambassadors for May is Maxwell Chan, he is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Thank Maxwell for contributing to Immunopaedia.

Name: Maxwell Chan

Position: Undergraduate Project Student

Research Institute: Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research / University of Toronto

Research interests:Fibrosis, Fibroblast migration, Cardiology, Wound healing

Why I love immunology: Immunology plays a role in countless other biological and medical sciences. As I finish up my undergraduate degree, I’ve come to realise how integral Immunology is. While most people would not associate Cardiology with Immunology, the latter is very relevant to some cardiomyopathies, inflammation, and organ transplant.

If I wasn’t an immunologist I would be:Hopefully a dentist! I’m keen on entering the healthcare field and working with patients.

Tips for young people who want to enter the field of immunology: Talk to your professors! Researchers might seem intimidating, but they’re people too. Networking is an essential part of any field and it will help you land your first research experience.

What being an Immunopaedia Ambassador means to me: Being an Ambassador means sharing my interest in Immunology with others and making it more accessible for people outside of Immunology.

How I have contributed to Immunopaedia so far: I’ve served as a staff writer in the past and helped update some of the pre-courses offered by Immunopaedia. Now, I occasionally contribute articles for the Breaking News section and promote the site at the University of Toronto.

How can you get in touch with me ? by email:

March 2019

Our ambassador of the month is Mahaman Moustapha Lamine from Senegal. He is PhD candidate at the Centre of Medical and Health Research of Niger (CERMES), and also holds a lecturing position at University of Zinder . He has showcased Immunopaedia at his research institute and conducted our March Immunologist of the month interview.  Thank Mahaman for contributing to Immunopaedia.

Mahaman_Moustapha_LamineName: Mahaman Moustapha Lamine

Position: PhD-Student, Lecturee at University of Zinder

Research Institute: Centre of Medical and Health Research of Niger (CERMES)

Research interests: Immuno-genetic of malaria

Why I love immunology: Because it’s amazing (and important) to know how our organism ministry of defence work

If I wasn’t an immunologist I would be:Pigeon Fancier

Tips for young people who want to enter the field of immunology: Immunology is a transversal and an indispensable tool for biomedical research

What being an Immunopaedia Ambassador means to me: Promoting the immunology around the world

How I have contributed to Immunopaedia so far: I promote immunopedia in my research institute and my university. I also conducted the March Immunologist of the month interview.

Online Profile: ResearchGate – Mahaman Moustapha Lamine

January – February 2019

This month we conducted a special video interview of Abdouramane Camara and Vicky Gent. Both ambassadors attended the 8th Infectious Diseases in Africa Symposium in November 2018, where they were selected as rapporteurs and provided summaries on Malaria and TB vaccines sessions.

Abdouramane Camara

Current position? PhD student in Immunology

Research Institute? Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IBMC), Strasbourg-France

Research interests? Immunology, Molecular biology, Infectious diseases

Vicky Gent

Current position? Graduate Assistant

Research Institute? Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya

Research interests? Immunomodulators, Vaccine development, Neuroimmunology


Interview by Cheleka AM Mpande

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