Immunologist of the Month – 2021


Immunologist of the Month

Every month we will feature a new interview with an Immunologist. These Immunologists are at the cutting-edge of research and education, they have kindly offered to give us their time and insight into their research and studies.

February 2021

Our immunologist of the month is Simon G. Kimuda, a Post- Doctoral research fellow supported by the Crick African Network based at the Francis Crick Institute, UK and the MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit, Uganda. HIs research focuses on understanding humoral immunity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and hopes his research will contribute to the development of improved diagnostics and TB vaccines.

The immunopaedia team, specifically Vanessa Mwebaza Muwanga, was fortunate to conduct an interview Simon Kimuda. In this interview, Simon discusses how he began his career in as immunologist focusing on humoral M.tb immunity, some of his research outputs and much more. Read his interview.


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