Imunopaedia has a new partnership with Keystone Symposia, which aims at showcasing the research the ambassadors conduct. Immunopaedia ambassadors were invited to conduct visual recordings of thier research for the Virtual Keystone Symposia:Science onDemand platform.

Nada Abdel Aziz

Nada Abdel-Aziz

Dr. Nada Abdel Aziz is ICGEB Arturo Falaschi Post-Doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Health Science, University of Cape Town. She is also Lecturer Assistant at Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Her scientific research is focusing on vaccine development against helminthiasis and identification of host factors crucial in helminth-induced immunopathology. Her passion for tackling helminth infection started almost 6 years ago with more emphasis on the role of regulatory T cells in the last 3 years. Dr. Abdel Aziz said that “it was a great opportunity to have a Virtual talk on a prestigious platform like Keystone as it helps to feature the hard work and to gain very good visibility and thus, I do encourage all the Immunopaedia ambassadors to go for it whenever they do have the chance”.

Dr. Abdel Aziz presented a virtual talk on Keystone entitled “Foxp3+ regulatory T cell population requires IL-4Rα signaling to control inflammation during helminth infections”

Watch the video by login in to Virtual Keystone Symposia website

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