Introduction to the Immunology Course


Photo from the course: IUIS-FAIS Immuno-Tunisia Photo

  • The Immuno-Tunisia immunology course is the third in a series of IUIS funded regional workshops.
  • The pre-course material is to be found in 8 sections and  is a learning tool to refresh your knowledge and prepare you to participate optimally in the course itself.
  • Please study the material, which has been specifically prepared for this course.
  • Below is a table of the lecturers, the lecture topics and links to the section on Immunopaedia which corresponds to the lecture topic.


Table 1: Lecturer, Title and Section to be found in the IMMUNOTUNISIA pre-course material

LecturerTitle of lecture SectionPre-course topic in Immunopaedia
Yousr Gorgi Fundamental basis of the immune response1Overview of the Immune System
Abdallah BadouT Lymphocyte subsets and their function1Overview of the Immune System
Abdel WakkachCytokines and Immunoregulation2Role of cytokines in Immunity
Hatem MasmoudiMechanisms of Immune Tolerance3Tolerance and autoimmunity
Joseph BellantiMolecular and epigenetic mechanisms regulating the immune response and their clinical applications in auto-immunity 4Genetics, Epigenetics and immunoregulation
Mechanisms of tolerance breakage and autoimmunity development3Tolerance and autoimmunity
Ridha BarboucheGenetic defects and breakdown of tolerance4Genetics, Epigenetics and immunoregulation
Kamel DjenouhatComplement and autoimmunity1Overview of the Immune System
Clive GrayInfections and auto-immunity1 & 3Overview of the Immune System

Tolerance and autoimmunity
Jorge KalilHow an infectious agent can break tolerance to self and induce auto-immunity in humans1 & 3Overview of the Immune System

Tolerance and autoimmunity
Boubacar MaigaVaccination and autoimmunity3Tolerance and autoimmunity
Alberto MantovaniNegative pathways of regulation of innate immunity1 & 6Overview of the Immune System

Inflammation and autoinflammation
Joaquin MadrenasThe Microbiome is an immune regulatory organ5Microbes and immunoregulation
Seppo MeriThe role of complement in immune tolerance1Overview of the Immune System
Christian BoitardType I diabetes (physiopathology, experimental models and immunologic diagnosis)7T cell mediated autoimmune diseases
Michelle LetarteRole of the vascular endothelium in immunoregulation6Inflammation and autoinflammation
Imen SfarClassification of autoimmune disorders and mechanisms of tissue injury3 & 6Tolerance and autoimmunity

Inflammation and autoinflammation
Melika Ben Ahmed Systemic lupus erythematosus8Antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases
Lilia LaadharRheumatoid Arthritis7T cell mediated autoimmune diseases
Nadine Cerf-BensussanAutoinflammation and autoimmunity6Inflammation and autoinflammation
Coeliac disease and IBD: physiopathology and experimental models7T cell mediated autoimmune diseases
Mariem KallelAutoimmune Bullous Dermatoses8Antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases
Roland LiblauMultiple Sclerosis 7T cell mediated autoimmune diseases
Marie-Christophe BoissierCytokines and anti-cytokines in the treatment of autoimmune diseases2Role of cytokines in Immunity
Roland LiblauNovel Immunotherapies applied to multiple sclerosis7T cell mediated autoimmune diseases


The material in each section has been edited and compiled by IMMUNOPAEDIA (based at the University of Cape Town) and generously contributed by Professor Joseph A. Bellanti from his textbook, “IMMUNOLOGY IV: CLINICAL APPLICATIONS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE” under an agreement between I Care Press Inc, Immunopaedia (University of Cape Town) and the IUIS. The resource materials available for download have been supplied by each lecturer participating in the course.

For those interested in purchasing the printed version of “Bellanti JA (Ed). Immunology IV: Clinical Applications in Health and Disease. I Care Press, Bethesda, MD, 2012”, go to: or


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