Video Interviews


Video Interviews

The Immunopaedia team conducts video interviews of influential immunologists as often as possible. These leading researchers speak to us on a variety of subjects and we record them for posterity.

Simon J. Draper Interview

Simon J. Draper is Professor of Vaccinology and Translational Medicine, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Jenner Investigator based at the University of Oxford. Simon received the Lister Institute Research Prize Fellow in 2018, an award aimed at researchers in the early years of running their own groups .

Simon heads the Blood-Stage Malaria Group at the Jenner institute which focuses on the development of novel and improved approaches to blood-stage malaria vaccine design, as well as aiming to better understand mechanisms of vaccine-induced immunity to blood-stage malaria infection.

Simon was one of the faculty members at the 8th Infectious Diseases in Africa Symposium which took place in November 2018. The immunopaedia team was fortunate to interview him, discussing the current status of malaria vaccines.

Watch now: Simon Draper interview

ALAI-SMI Special Interviews

The XII congress of the Latin American Association of Immunology (ALAI) and XXIII congress of the Mexican Society of Immunology (SMI) was held in May in Cancun, Mexico, under the slogan “Latin American Immunologists Fighting Disease”. The congress provided a platform for attendees, ranging from renowned senior immunologist to undergraduate and graduate students, representing diverse fields of immunology to interact and share recent discoveries.

Immunopaedia Ambassadors, Juan Carlos Balandrán and Jennifer Enciso Immunopaedia took some time during the conference to interview prominent researchers: Alberto Mantovani, Alberto Orfao,  Gabriel Rabinovich and Paul Frennette who attended the ALAI-SMI conference.

Watch Now: ALAI-SMI Special Interviews

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