Immuno-India 2023 Introduction

FacultyFaculty Lecture TitleModule
Dr Sanjeev Galande Epigenetic Regulation of the Immune Response: An OverviewPrinciples of Epigenetic Regulation
Dr. Vera Gorbunova Epigenetics of Aging
Dr Athanasios Ziogas Trained Immunity: A Memory for Innate Host Defense
Dr Amit Awasthi Epigenetic Regulation of T-Cell Differentiation and Memory
Dr Riitta Lahesmaa Epigenetics of Treg cells
Dr Rita Carsetti Epigenetic Regulation of B-Cell Responses
Dr Jaydeep Bhat Advances in Epigenetics: Technologies and ApplicationsEpigenetics Research in Systems Immunology
Dr Jaydeep Bhat Systems Immunology and Epigenetics
Dr Satyajeet Khare Machine learning for functional genomics
Dr Esteban Ballestar Epigenetic Regulation in Autoimmunity and Inflammatory DiseasesEpigenetic (De)regulation in Non-Malignant Diseases
Dr. Soumen Basak Regulating the Genome Landscape During Inflammation: Learning from the NFkB Signaling System
Dr Arumugam Rajavelu Infection-Associated Host Epigenetic Changes
Dr Eleanor Fish Vaccination and Epigenetic Regulation
Dr Debasree Dutta Epigenetic Changes in Stem Cell DevelopmentEpigenetic (De)regulation in Immunodeficiency and Malignant Diseases
Dr Esteban Ballestar Epigenetic Dysregulation in (Primary) Immunodeficiencies
Dr Sanjeev Shukla From Immune Cells to Cancer Cells: The Epigenetic Regulation of Alternative Splicing
Dr Martin Väth Regulators of Immunometabolism and EpigeneticsImmunometabolism and Therapeutic Applications of Epigenetic Modifiers
Dr Shubhada Chiplunkar Impact of Epigenetic Modifiers on the Immune System
Dr Kumar Prabhash Epigenetic Modifiers in the Clinics: How it is Evolving?
Dr Dieter Kabelitz Impact of Vitamin C on the Immune System and Its Therapeutic Perspective
Dr Murali Ramchandran Preclinical characterization of the anti-tumor immune activation potential of AUR107, a novel small molecule inhibitor of CBP/p300 currently in Phase I clinical trial
International Union of Immunological SocietiesUniversity of South AfricaInstitute of Infectious Disease and Molecular MedicineElizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation