Wasihun Hailemichael


This month we conducted a special interview of Wasihun Hailemichael, an early career scientist based at the Debre Tabor University in Ethiopia. Wasihun Hailemichael received the 19th Tore Godal Research Award* awarded by Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), biomedical research institute in Ethiopia. Wasihun Hailemichael received the award for his research on T cell exhaustion and senescence in people living with HIV and coinfected with visceral leishmania.

Listen to our short audio interview of Wasihun Hailemichael, where he describes the inception of the Tore Godal award and why it was an honour to receive the award. He also briefly describes his current research interests and future plans.


Tore Godal Research Award is a prestigious award named after Dr. Tore Godal*, an extraordinary Global Health researcher best known for his work in research on Leprosy Immunology and Drug Resistance.

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