Immuno-Mexico 2024 Introduction

FacultyLecture TitleModule
Jose C. CrispinOverview: the immune system in cancer, autoimmunity, and chronic infections MODULATION OF PERIPHERAL TOLERANCE
Yvonne RosensteinCentral and peripheral tolerance at the center of new therapies
Clive GrayCo-stimulation and -inhibition in cancer, chronic infections, and autoimmunity
P. Moraes VieiraMetabolism: a guiding force for immunityMETABOLIC ADAPTATION TO PATHOLOGIC MILIEU
Marion BrunckImmunometabolism disease and novel targets
Marcelo HillInitiation and maintenance of T cell exhaustionT CELL EXHAUSTION
P. Moraes VieiraT cell exhaustion in chronic infections and cancer
Jose C. CrispinExhaustion in autoimmune diseases
Ezequiel FuentesTregs and resident memory T cells in cancer and infection SUPPRESSION IN THE CONTEXT OF DISEASE
Marcelo HillMyeloid derived suppressor cells: friends or foe?
Mónica GuzmánCAR-T cells principles & applications REDIRECTING CYTOTOXICITY
Olivier BoyerCAR T cells beyond cancer: autoimmunity and infectious diseases
Dietrich KabelitzImmunotherapeutic potential of g/d T cells in infection and cancer  
Helder NakayaDisease module identification & disease-disease relationships NOVEL THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES
Olivier BoyerTherapeutic antibodies
Monica GuzmanCancer Vaccines
Florencia RosettiDrug repurposing in cancer & autoimmunity
Otoniel RodriguezImmunoinformaticsIMMUNOINFORMATICS
International Union of Immunological SocietiesUniversity of South AfricaInstitute of Infectious Disease and Molecular MedicineElizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation