The current status of COVID-19 immunology 

Source: Vabret et al., 2020

Source: Vabret et al., 2020

A recent tour de force of our current knowledge of immunity elicited by SARS-CoV-2 and progression to COVID-19 severe disease is given in a recent Immunity article. The authors review what we currently know about the involvement of innate immunity, T and B cell anti-viral responses, including the hyper-inflammation that often accompanies these responses in some infected people. Can any of the immune response markers be used as predictors of COVID-19 disease susceptibility and risks of how severe the disease can manifest. What about known anti-virals, convalescent plasma and vaccine development? The authors state “…it is imperative that immune responses against SARS-Cov-2 and mechanisms of hyperinflammation-driven pathology are further elucidated to better define therapeutic strategies for COVID-19.” This is a comprehensive review of the recent published data. 

Journal Article: Vabret et al., 2020. Immunology of COVID-19: current state of the science. Immunity

Article by Clive Gray

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