Immunopaedia goes to the Latin American Immunology Congress


(From left to right) Dr. Rosana Pelayo Camacho, president of the SMI, Cristina Artaza, Jennifer Enciso and Dr. Clive Gray during the Poster Session.

From 14 to 18 May 2018, the XII Congress of the Latin American Association of Immunology (ALAI) and XXIII Congress of the Mexican Society of Immunology (SMI) took place in Cancun, Mexico. Four Immunopaedia Ambassadors from Latin America, Cristina Artaza Irigaray, Juan Carlos Balndrán, Jose Luis Maravillas and Jennifer Enciso, took the initiative to represent Immunopaedia at this congress. The congress was the perfect platform to promote Immunopaedia in three different formats, as well as an active way for ambassadors to take part in scientific communication.

Firstly, the Ambassadors presented (Presenting Author Cristina Artaza Irigaray) a poster at the three day Poster Session where the goals and learning tools of the Immunopaedia website were described in order to attract new students interested in becoming Ambassadors. Secondly, the Ambassadors took advantage of the congregation of numerous renowned researchers from different field of immunology, by incorporating video and audio interviews as part of the academic program. These visual and audio interviews will be soon published on the Immunopaedia Interviews webpage and the new Immunopaedia YouTube channel.

Dr. Clive Gray participating as panelist during the Career Development Session.

Lastly, in collaboration with the Congress organisers the ambassadors organised a Special Session chaired by Jennifer Enciso, where 4 panelists were invited to talk about career development with young immunologists. The panel was integrated by Dr. Luis Fabila who worked in the Science and Technology Council of Mexico, Dr. Clive Gray founder of Immunopaedia, and Dr. Dieter Kabelitz and Dr. Olivera Finnn, Chairs of the International Union of Immunology (IUIS) Committees involved in education and gender equity.

Attending the ALAI-SMI congress as Immunopaedia Ambassadors was an excellent opportunity to interact more closely with renowned scientists, as well as connecting and interacting with young immunologists like us, while spreading the word of science.


Article by Jennifer Enciso

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