Diagnostic Tools


Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic-toolsThis section has been designed to assist you in using and understanding the diagnostic tools used in immunological testing and clinical practice. Where possible we have also made available useful downloadable resources.

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Growth Charts

Growth Charts









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WHO Clinical Staging

Who Clinic Stages






Download WHO HIV Clinical Staging in Children Younger than 15 years


General Features










Welcome Classification

  60-80% of standard weight Less than 60% of standard weight
No oedema Underweight, nutritional dwarfing, growth retardation Marasmus
Oedema Kwashiorkor Marasmic

Degrees of Dehydration

Methods of assessing degree of dehydration









Download Degrees of Dehydration Guide

Childhood Myositis Assessment Scale Scoring

The Childhood Myositis Assessment Scale (CMAS) was developed to assess muscle function in the areas of strength and endurance across a wide range of abilities and age groups in children with juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) and polymyositis. There are 14 ordinal items included which were chosen to assess primarily axial and proximal muscle groups and are ranked with standard performance and scoring methods. The CMAS has a potential range of 0-52 with higher scores indicating greater muscle strength and endurance. CMAS scoring sheet was developed by Robert Rennebohm, MD.

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