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A case of lymphadenopathy and night sweats

A 33 year old male presents with a one month history of a non-productive cough, fever, night sweats, malaise, abdominal pain and weight loss. History: Known HIV positive, Diagnosed 8 months previously but not on ARV’s. Past medical history: Nothing of significance

A case of cough, wasting and lymphadenopathy

A 32 year old female presented to the emergency room with a two month history of worsening dyspnea, cough with production of sputum, haemoptysis and extensive weight loss. At the time of presentation…

In the Red

A 55-year old HIV-infected male was referred to the Dermatology Outpatient Clinic with a four month history of a swollen face and multiple skin nodules. Three years prior to this presentation, the patient was treated at his local clinic for a persistent rash.

Case of enlarged hard tongue

A 59 year old male presents to the medical out patient department with a one month history of progressively increasing fatigue and backache.For the last month the patient has been feeling exhausted for no apparent reason…

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