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Convalescent sera option for containing COVID-19

17th April

According to Casadevall A and Pirofski using convalescent sera as passive antibody (Ab) therapy may be an option for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 that could be available as soon as sufficient numbers of people recover and can donate immunoglobulin-containing serum.

Fireworks of autoimmunity from birth

A five-month-old male infant was brought into the emergency department by parents with hypotonicity (reduced muscular tone) and drowsiness that began the evening before. The infant presented with refractory atopic dermatitis and recent weight loss.

A case of decreased joint function, fever and rash

A 7 year old girl presented to her local hospital for the second time in 3 months with arthralgia, a migratory skin rash and fever for 5 days. She was admitted and within 2 days…

Case of eye injury and decreased vision

A 12 year old boy is brought into the paediatric casualty by his parents approximately 18 hours after sustaining a penetrating knife injury to his left eye. The child was here he was attacked by a fellow learner who stabbed him in his left eye. He sustained no other injuries as his attacker ran away after the incident.

A case of a 3 month old infant with bloody urine and stools

A three month old male infant presents to the emergency department with a one day history of haematochezia and haematuria, accompanied by a diffuse rash and shortness of breath. A three month old male infant was brought into the emergency department..

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