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Vaccination Questions Answered

Top 10 vaccination questions answered for concerned mothers   1. How does a vaccine protect my child from disease? “The basic principle of vaccination is to activate the body’s defences by mimicking the invasion of a specific infectious agent. This triggers the body’s defense mechanisms just as a real infection would,” explains Professor Rose Burnett, Read More

ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine is safe and immunogenic

21st July

Folegatti et al., demonstrated that vaccination with a single dose, induced robust SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-specific antibodies which peaked at day 28, and were maintained at similar levels at day 56. As expected vaccination with two doses resulted in much higher SARS-CoV-2-Ab responses than vaccination with a singe-dose. Researchers observed higher SARS-CoV-2-Ab neutralisation…

TB or not TB: a confusing case

A previously well 17 month old boy presents with a three day history of fever and a skin rash. No accompanying cough or diarrhoea. The patient recently moved to South Africa from Burund. His mother reports previously he has been well. She is unaware of contact with TB.

My head hurts and I cannot speak?

A 33 year old female presents to the medical out patient department with a moderately severe headache, sudden onset of weakness in the right hand, numbness of the right side of her face and slurring her words. The symptoms had started about 3 hours earlier. According to the family the patient…

14 year old with severe hip pain

A 14 and half year old boy presents with a recent history of tender temperomandibular joints and regular morning stiffness in both hips. He has a limited range of movement in his hips, especially abduction and adduction, and is no longer able to run and play games with his brothers. Our patient started suffering with painful hips from age 14 and within a month he was unable to walk unassisted.

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