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My hands swell and are painful

Eva is a 50-year-old Caucasian woman who presents to the clinic with complaints of hand and feet swelling to the point of visible deformities. Her joint pain wakes her up several times during the night and she has morning stiffness for several hours.

I’ve been coughing for so long

Jade, 20 years-old, has had episodes of paroxysmal dyspnea since the age of 12, especially at night, associated with coughing and chest tightness, sometimes with wheezing. For 1 year now, attacks have been more frequent, almost daily, also occurring during the day.

Omentin-1 rescues inflammation-induced osteoporosis

19th September, 2018

Recent work by Shan-Shan Rao et. al, has highlighted the potential of Omentin-1 in downregulating the activity of proinflammatory cytokines, thereby unravelling its mechanism …

Fireworks of autoimmunity from birth

A five-month-old male infant was brought into the emergency department by parents with hypotonicity (reduced muscular tone) and drowsiness that began the evening before. The infant presented with refractory atopic dermatitis and recent weight loss.

I have spots and my skin burns

Peter, a 60 year-old Caucasian policeman, complains of a painful burning sensation in his lower extremities lasting for several months. Lower limbs petechiae (small purple/red hemorrhagic spots) appeared one week ago.

My eyes cross at twilight

A 25 years-old, teacher, complains of double vision. She finds it difficult to talk after prolonged speaking. She is pregnant.Episodes of double vision began 6 weeks ago. Elsa’s husband reported fluctuating droopy eyelids in the morning and evening, which started 4 weeks ago.

The nutritional consequence of HIV-helminth coinfection

5th July, 2017

Helminth infections are worm parasites that are often situated in the intestines or blood vessels and are extremely prevalent globally. Nearly a quarter…

Case of recurrent meningitis

A 7 year old girl was brought in by her mother with a three day history of headache, pain in the left ear, fever and vomiting. Her mother was concerned because the last time she had been sick like this she had to be admitted to hospital.

Enlarged Testicles

A 53 year old male, originally from India, presented to the clinic for a renewal of his hypertension medication. On routine weighing it was noted that he had lost 8 kg in the last 6 months, which had been unintentional weight loss. Other then some mild lower abdominal pain, and some occasional testicular…

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