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A case of decreased joint function, fever and rash

A 7 year old girl presented to her local hospital for the second time in 3 months with arthralgia, a migratory skin rash and fever for 5 days. She was admitted and within 2 days…

TB or not TB: a confusing case

A previously well 17 month old boy presents with a three day history of fever and a skin rash. No accompanying cough or diarrhoea. The patient and his family recently moved to South Africa from Burundi (Eastern Africa). His mother reports that prior to this presentation the child has been well. She is unaware of contact with TB or…

14 year old with severe hip pain

A 14 and half year old boy presents with a recent history of tender temperomandibular joints and regular morning stiffness in both hips. He has a limited range of movement in his hips, especially abduction and adduction, and is no longer able to run and play games with his brothers.

Infectious Disease in Africa Symposium

Only a few more days left to apply for the 5th Infectious Disease in Africa symposium…

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