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Enlarged Testicles

A 53 year old male, originally from India, presented to the clinic for a renewal of his hypertension medication. On routine weighing it was noted that he had lost 8 kg in the last 6 months, which had been unintentional weight loss. Other then some mild lower abdominal pain, and some occasional testicular discomfort, he reported no other symptoms.

Case of enlarged hard tongue

A 59 year old male presents to the medical out patient department with a one month history of progressively increasing fatigue and backache.For the last month the patient has been feeling exhausted for no apparent reason…

TGF-beta superfamily in infections and diseases

TGF-β is part of a large protein family comprising 33 members that are divided into subfamilies based on structural variations Effects of ligands of the TGF-β superfamily are mediated through serine threonine kinase receptors type I and type II, which act as heterodimers. Two co-receptors, endoglin (CD105) and betaglycan alter the response to various ligands Read More

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