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February 2017

Advanced Research Immunology Course 2017 – University of Cape Town

  • University of Cape Town20 February 2017 – early September 2017
  • Division of Immunology, University of Cape Town (UCT), Cape Town, South Africa

This exciting course blends the fundamentals of immunology knowledge with cutting-edge developments with clinical relevance.

The course is organised into five immunology themes with an interactive sixth theme of research projects:

  1.  Basic immunological principles
  2. Antigen specificity and tools to understand immunology
  3. Immune responses and memory
  4. Tolerance and autoimmunity
  5. Response to infectious diseases and tissue specific immunity
  6. Student presentations (own research project and journal club)

Interspersed throughout the course are lecturer-led journal presentations and how to interpret immunology-based data.

The target group for this course are postgraduate students and it will be available to any interested parties, including technical staff and postdoctoral fellows. The minimum requirement for registration is a BSc Honour’s Degree or similar. Please note that background knowledge of biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology are necessary.

Registration: Postgraduate office at UCT Medical School.
Registration fee: R4240
Time: Mondays and Thursdays 9h30-11h00
Enquiries: Mohlopheni J Marakalala (
Frank Kirstein (; 021 406 6035)

March 2017

5th ASID Biennial Congress – African Society for Primary Immune Deficiencies (ASID)

  • African Society for Primary Immune Deficiencies31 March – 4 April 2017
  • Avani Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zambia

The ASID society’s primary goal is focusing, in its activities, on sharing experiences and raising public awareness with regard to the basic and clinical science of Primary Immune Deficiencies (PIDs) in Africa. The congress aims to be a time of sharing global experiences in basic and clinical science of PIDs as participants commit to the promotion of evidence-based management and care of individuals suffering from PIDs and seek, through more effective interventions, to uplift their respective quality of life particularly on the continent of Africa. To this end, the 2017 5th ASID biennial congress theme is: Towards Enhanced Care of Children with Primary Immune Deficiencies and Allergy in Africa.

Register and submit abstracts online –

September 2017

6th South African Immunology Society (SAIS) Conference – SAIS

  • South African Immunology Society3 – 6 September 2017
  • Krystal Beach, Gordons Bay, South Africa

The Conference theme is Immune Tolerance, it will be in conjunction with the Infectious Diseases in Africa Workshop taking place on the 7th to 8th of September 2017 also at Krystal Beach, Gordons Bay.

The program is broad and will appeal to everyone involved in Immunology and there will be plenty of opportunity to meet with immunologists providing the best care in South Africa. This year’s Conference will emphasize networking with young scientists to create a stronger network for the next generation of African immunologists.

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December 2017

10th African Congress of Immunology – The Federation of African Immunological Societies

  • Federation of African Immunological Societies3 – 7 December 2017
  • Hammamet, Tunisia

The theme of the Congress is “Immunology for a healthy Africa” with all major topics of immunology covered. In particular, advances in immunology of infectious diseases and related vaccines development and use, will remain a major focus of the Congress, as will the emerging fields of microbiome-host interactions, new innate cell subsets and immune-regulatory pathways. The impressive expansion of knowledge and concepts as well as discovery of new treatments revolutionizing the fields of cancer, autoimmunity, allergy, transplantation and immune deficiencies will be substantial part of the program. Progress in immunology is to a large extent driven by new technology and advances in molecular immunology, single-cell analysis and high-throughput sequencing will also be covered by the scientific program.

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MRC Unit Banjul, Gambia, 19-26 November 2016

Immuno-Gambia course - Participants

Immuno-Gambia – Participants



San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 5-8 October 2016








Kilifi, Kenya, 19–24 September 2016 ‌

KENBOP3 - Participants

KENBOP3 – Participants


KENBOP3 - Faculty

KENBOP3 – Faculty



Hammamet, Tunisia, 4-8 April 2016

 Immuno Tunisia participants

Immuno Tunisia – Participants



Cape Town, South Africa, 20-24 October 2015

Immunology Primer and IDA Symposium - Participants

Immunology Primer and IDA Symposium – Participants



Medellin, Columbia, 10-13 October 2015

Immune Regulation in Health and Disease - Participants

Immune Regulation in Health and Disease – Participants

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