Introduction to VACFA Vaccinology 2019

Introduction to the 15th Annual African Vaccinology Course 2019

The Annual African Vaccinology Course (AAVC) is convened by Dr. Kagina, A/Prof Muloiwa, and Prof Hussey, of the University of Cape Town (UCT) and the Vaccine for Africa Initiative (VACFA). For the last consecutive 14 years, the AAVC has been a major success in enhancing vaccinology expertise in Africa. So far, about 1000 participants have been trained at the AAVC.

The 15th AAVC is designed to develop vaccinology expertise within Africa. The course provides selected participants with essential and up to date knowledge on vaccines and immunisation issues. The AAVC will provide an opportunity to the selected participants to discuss the successes, challenges & opportunities to improve immunisation programs in Africa.

The 15th AAVC Online Course

By taking the online pre-course, delegates will be introduced to relevant modules which will serve as a solid foundation of some of the concepts to be covered during the 15th AAVC.

Course Outline

Aims of the 2019 course are to:

  • Provide participants with essential and up to date knowledge on human vaccines
  • Discuss the successes, challenges & opportunities to improve the immunisation programs in Africa
  • Provide a forum for members of NITAGs to share national immunisation issues & identify areas for collaboration and technical capacity development
  • Foster communication & networking among African vaccinologists

More about VACFA

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