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Date: 5-8 October, 2016.

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MEXICO.

Site: Hotel Misión San Miguel de Allende

  • Supported by the International Union of Immunologists (IUIS), the Latin American Association of Immunology (ALAI) and the Mexican Society of Immunology (SMI), the IUIS-ALAI-SMI ONCOIMMUNOLOGY-MEXICO will be the first international course in its type in Latin America.
  • This event will provide the fundamental knowledge and mechanisms underlying immune responses in cancer, the recent advances and emerging research.
  • Moreover, it will encourage professional discussion on current strategies for therapeutic modulation of the immune system in cancer, between and among the next generation of leading Latin American Immunologists and outstanding national and international scientists.
  • An opportunity for the participants to become acquainted with the most recent developments in the field of Oncology and Immunology and to establish contacts for future collaborations is highly expected.
  • The target audience will include clinical and research fellows, postgraduate students interested and currently performing research in disciplines related to Immunology and Oncology, and scientists or other research professionals from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who are involved in developing new therapies in those biomedical fields.
  • All participants will have free access to teaching material via Immunopaedia and are expected to have familiarized themselves with basic and clinical onco-immunology concepts.
  • Table 1 below shows the course lecturer, title of their topic and the link to the section in this module for ease of reference
  • At the end of each section there are multiple choice questions, where you can assess your knowledge as you proceed

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Table 1: Lecturer, Title and Section to be found in the IMMUNOMEXICO pre-course material

LecturerTitle of lectureSectionPre-course topic in Immunopaedia
Dr. MoharHallmarks of Cancer & Epidemiology1Cancer Epidemiology and Etiology
Dr. RecillasGenomics and Epigenetics of Oncological Processes1
Dr. RoblesSignalling Pathways in Cancer1
Dr. QuinteroBreast Cancer1
Dr. MorenoHow Cancer Cells Interact with Immune System2Overview of innate and adaptative immunology
Dr. OrtizEffector Cell Populations of Anti-tumor Immunity2
Dr. SalazarSolid Tumors2
Dr. MorenoHow Cancer Cells Interact with Immune System3T lymphocyte mediated immunity
Dr. OrtizEffector Cell Populations of Anti-tumor Immunity3
Dr. VignaliMolecular Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation in Cancer3
Dr. MorenoHow Cancer Cells Interact with Immune System4B Lymphocytes and Antibodies
Dr. OrtizEffector Cell Populations of Anti-tumor Immunity5Immune Responses to Cancer
Dr. GajewskiImmune Regulation in Cancer5
Dr. GuzmanCancer Stem Cells6Cancer Stem Cells and Tumor-initiating cells
Dr. Flores-FigueroaTumor Microenvironment: Hematological Malignancies as a Paradigm of Study7Tumor Microenvironment
Dr. VignaliMolecular Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation in Cancer7
Dr. LetarteRole of Endothelial Cells in Tumor Progression7
Dr. Fuentes-PananaPathogen and Cancer8Pathogens and Cancer
Dr. CrociVaccination in Cancer9Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr. GalluzziCurrently Available Anti-cancer Immunotherapies9
Autophagy and other mechanisms of neoplastic cell control9
Dr. BuqueImmunological Effects of Chemotherapy and Targeted Anticancer Agents9
Dr. HassanePrecision Cancer Medicine and Neoantigens Discovery9
Dr. GoldaracenaAcute Leukaemia Phenotyping: Euroflow Platform10Flow cytometry approaches in cancer
Dr. JuarezData Acquisition in the BD FACSCanto II and Cell Analyses in Infinicyt Software: B-ALL, CLL, MM, PCD10
Dr. VadilloCancer Stem & Early Progenitor Cell Flow Cytometry in Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer10
Data Acquisition and Cell Analyses in the BD FACSCanto II:10


The material in each section has been edited and compiled by the IMMUNOMEXICO team and IMMUNOPAEDIA (based at the University of Cape Town) and generously contributed by Professor Joseph A. Bellanti from his textbook, “IMMUNOLOGY IV: CLINICAL APPLICATIONS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE” under an agreement between I Care Press Inc, Immunopaedia (University of Cape Town) and the IUIS. The resource materials available for download have been supplied by each lecturer participating in the course.

For those interested in purchasing the printed version of “Bellanti JA (Ed). Immunology IV: Clinical Applications in Health and Disease. I Care Press, Bethesda, MD, 2012”, go to: or

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