Passively Acquired Autoimmunity


maternal-autoantibody-mediated-anaemia-and-thrombocytopaeniaThis series of graphics describes the process of passively acquired  autoimmunity as evidenced by the placental transfer of IgG autoantibodies directed towards nuclear antigens of  Ro, La or RNP proteins. Once in the foetal circulation these antibodies bring about the development of neonatal lupus erythematosus (NLE), which can have effects on the heart, skin, liver and blood. The graphics illustrate how the maternal autoantibodies are able to bind to translocated nuclear antigens on the cell membrane surfaces of apoptotic cells. The bound surface IgG allows for binding of passively transfused anti-Ro and Anti-La antibodies which results in the Fc receptors of macrophages recognising the bound IgG and becoming activated.


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